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You get everything in one device and at one affordable price.


► Cash register with full features

► Payment terminal 

► Receipt printing or e-mailing

► Product management

► Extensive payment metoths


► Large and bright touch screen

► Mobile and WiFi connections

►Cloud service and reporting

►Long battery life

► usb-c charge




Traditional payment terminals are end of the road. In the future, better and cheaper smart devices will replace them and offer merchants much more. Sales and the shopping experience will become more pleasant, information about one's own business will increase and manageability, as well as security will increase.



The benefits and advantages of modern payment terminals

"All data is stored in your cloud service, including the product and receipt data in real time. You also can see the transactions by terminal and vendor."


"You can easily sell pre-priced products on the device screen and save yourself errors. Sales are smooth, fast and intuitive."


"Develop your business with information and you achieve efficiencies and savings. You can easily get reports on development and accounting."


"Track your sales by product or product group. If you want, you get stock control or invoicing in the same system."


"You can also sell in the traditional way by giving the product a price when you sell it, yet without losing valuable reporting information."
"You can give discounts that appear on your receipt and you can manage your payment terminals and their users with the cloud service."




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