Experiences from Vektori

Jazz Café AXO

We are a café in Parainen (FInland), we serve our customers in a variety of ways. Soup lunch, café products, light savory, hot and cold drinks are available. The café has A-licenses. We have a Vector as a checkout system. There are two payment terminals in use. 

The biggest advantage of the program is its ease. The management program is also clear to use. Products are easy to add. The program is constantly evolving and it is easy to provide feedback and suggestions for changes to developers.

Jazz Café AXO Essi Luttinen +358 40 1697114
info@jazzcafeaxo.fi I https://jazzcafeaxo.fi/


Restaurant Villa Rana

Restaurant Villa Rana is a café / restaurant / bar attached to the Culture House, which sells hot and cold drinks with or without alcohol, snacks such as pastries, tapas, pancakes and ice cream.

Vector Inventory Management is easy to use once you are familiar with it. Even a computer dinosaur, like me, who is used to using a pen and paper, learned to use the system relatively quickly with common sense and friendly customer service.

What is particularly good about the vector is that in addition to the traditional cash register functions, it is able to make inventories, print sales reports easily electronically and manage the reports required by the authorities without a separate program and separate adjustment. Personally, I also find the price quite reasonable.

Anna Kylmälä, Restaurant Manager


Tukka Tupa

Tukka Tupa is a barber and hairdressing company in Karhula, Kotka.

Tukka Tupa Meri says she is satisfied with Vektor Kassa. She thinks the cash register is easy to use and has all the features he needs. Meri uses cash on a daily basis, as most customers pay for their visit by card. A few cash receipts are also printed from the payment terminal, which acts as a cash register receipt printer. On the cloud side, Merin has hardly had to visit. He has given the accountant his own IDs there, and there have not been many changes in the products. Meri also praises the service it received from Vektori partner Data Group Saimaa as excellent.

You can access Tukka Tupa through their Facebook pages.


Klapitulli Oy / Klapikokki

As its core business, KlapiKokki operates as a smoking Salmon in storeyards, markets and the Factory Store every weekday. Also at Vuolenkoski Market every Saturday during the summer.

Everything has worked with Vektori as expected. We have Vektori ECR in a moving fish trolley and factory outlet. The good side of the vector is that it is easy to use and real-time, you can track and watch on your smartphone anywhere, for example, the sale of a fishing trolley and all cash transactions in a few seconds. The Vektori works in the cloud and from there you can instantly get, for example, sales reports, the product, etc. for the desired days, weeks, months, etc. The system has inventory tracking and invoicing.


OMAKOTI-messut, Vantaa

The OMAKOTI fair is an event of construction, renovation and housing with a long tradition.

"On-site ticket sales for the fair were made with Vektori ECR. Our work was greatly facilitated, a positive experience in every way."

"The checkouts worked as expected and stayed well with fast-moving trade show ticket sales. The checkouts were easy to order and use. The reports also served well enough in the cloud. We would have some sort of hourly sales report Cash registers were also used for product sales in one department. "

"In the future, we will also use Vektori ECR at the Build & Renovate fair."

Timo Lehtinen


Lisää OMAKOTI-messuista: http://omakotimessut.net

Könönpellon Baar, Varkaus

"All of our sales from tickets to the bar are handled by Vektori ECR. We have 2 sales points in use and they have worked well even during the busiest event days. We get the necessary reports on alcohol sales, for example, easily from the cloud service."

Rock Creek Oy