Vektori Smart

Vektori Smart

Vektori Cash Register and Cloud Service

Vektori Smart

  • Smart Cash register system
  • Android Play Store: For Android / Chrome devices
  • Apple App Store: For iOS devices
  • Tablets and phones, adapts to different screens
  • Control center and cloud service
  • Product management with extensive features
  • Limited to max 60 products
  • Extensive reporting services
  • Connect a payment terminal at no extra charge
  • Receipt printing or sending

Download the demo version of the Vektori POS and try it out.

Order will be handled in Euros, billing with local currency, VAT and price.
Price per month / Cash register


Price: 19.00 € 
+ VAT 24 %


Vektori Smart

Cash register application and Cloud Service

Smart is a light version of Vektori Pro Cashier. Vektori POS can be activated by downloading the app from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store and logging in with the ID you received. Also includes the right to use the Vektori Cloud and product management, as well as other basic features of the cloud service. You can use your own tablet or phone as a cash register.

Vektori Cashier

Vektori POS is easy-to-use cash register program that works on a tablet or phone. Includes all the basic features of a cash register that make selling products fast and smooth. The cash register works with both small and large screens. On small screens, the Smart & Swipe function is automatically activated, showing product groups, products or sales window one at a time (you can switch to the page by swiping).

Clear and easy user interface

  • Scroll tuch screen sideways to use product categories
  • Scrollproducts vertically in own window
  • See sales lines and data clearly on the same screen
  • See more information about the product in the info window
  • Quickly switch to payment window or refund mode

Easy editing of the sales lines

  • Touch the line to enter edit mode
  • Edit the amount and price freely
  • Use percentage or currency discounts
  • Delete the line or given discount

Accept the sale in the sales preview

  • Preview the receipt and information
  • See the amount to return
  • Add text to the receipt
  • Email or print the receipt

End sales with just one click

  • Modify the sales process as desired
  • Skip preview automatically
  • Skip the receipt printing query


Vektori Cloud Service

All information and functions of the cashier are managed through the cloud service. The desktop type interface works in the browser regardless of platform and location. It includes the following features.

Control panel

  • Dashboard view of sales and metrics

Cashier sales

  • Sales by transaction (filtering option)

Control sheets

  • Search control sheets
  • See receipts at line level
  • See receipts pictures


  • Report on checkout sales by clerck
  • Report on sales by customer
  • Cash sales broken down by hour
  • Report sales by product
  • Settlement report related to cash terminals
  • Cash flow of cash terminals broken down by day
  • Sales comparison between checkouts or sellers
  • Product list (filtering option)
  • Accounting report by date range
  • The bank account reconciliation compiles a list of the sub-accounts of the selected account as well as the transactions of the document transactions

Product management

  • Creating, editing and deleting products
  • Product features: Name, product group, product code, EAN code, description, sales product / stock product selection, sales unit, tax, prices, purchase price, active
  • Product filtration

Product groups

  • Creating, editing and deleting product groups
  • Product group features: Name, description and main group
  • Product group filtering

User management (Cloud)

  • Users: Create, edit, delete, and invite users by mail
  • Teams: Create, edit, and delete teams
  • Roles and permissions: Create, edit or delete roles and a role comparison table


  • General settings: Emails, passwords, localization, layout, listings
  • Company settings
    • Edit company information
    • Manage payment terms
    • Specify all VAT subject to sales
    • Manage bank accounts
    • Accounting accounts, managing the company's chart of accounts
    • Manage your company's cost centers
  • Cashier
    • General cashier settings
    • Clerck Management
    • Manage terminals and their settings
    • Manage your payment methods and preferences
    • Browse the cash registers control sheets
  • Product catalog
    • General product management settings
    • Products: All products, both for sale and for storage
    • Product groups: Products can be divided into product groups
    • Specify in which units the products are sold
    • Price lists: Price lists allow products to be sold at different prices in different situations.

Vektori Smart can be easily upgraded to Pro.