Vektori Kassa yhteensopivat laitteet

Vektori Kassa
Supported POS terminals Mini Smart Pro/Go
Android 8 or higher
Apple iOS / iPadOS 15 or higher
Web browser (limited functionality)
Supported accessories Mini Smart Pro
Star mC-Print2 receipt printer
Star mC-Print3 receipt printer
Star mPOP receipt printer and cash drawer
Star Barcode scanner, USB *)
Star CP2002 cash drawer
*) Check compatibility with Star devices
Supported payment terminals Mini Smart Pro
Nets Ingenico Lane3000 Ethernet
Nets Ingenico Desk3500 Ethernet
Nets Ingenico iWL250B Ethernet (docking station)
Nets Ingenico iCT250E Ethernet
Nets Ingenico Move3500 WiFi
Nets Ingenico iSMP4 WiFi
Poplapay Wordline Yomani ML Ethernet
Poplapay Wordline Yomani ML 3G
Poplapay Wordline Yomani XR
Poplapay Wordline Yomani XR 3G
Poplapay Wordline Yoximo 3G
Poplapay Castles Vega3000 4G/WiFi
Verifone CM5 WiFi
Supported all in one Android terminals Mini Smart Pro
Nets Castles Saturn1000 F2 4G/WiFi
Verifone CM5 4G/WiFi
Viva Wallet PAX A77 4G/WiFi
Viva Wallet PAX A910 4G/WiFi
Viva Wallet PAX A920Pro 4G/WiFi
Viva Wallet One 4G/WiFi
Supported Sunmi terminals and accesories Mini Smart Pro
Sunmi M2 MAX
Sunmi T2S + customer display
Sunmi T2S Lite+ customer display
Sunmi D2s Lite+ customer display
Sunmi D2mini + customer display
Sunmi U2 Barcode scanner *)
Sunmi Cloud printer (tulossa)
*) Check compatibility with Sunmi devices